• Brand Strategy Development: Crafting a strategic roadmap to align branding with business goals.
  • YouTube Channel: Enhancing channel design and content strategy.
  • Podcast Setup and Launch: Guiding podcast creation from inception to successful launch.
  • Book Publishing Support: Assisting in manuscript editing, formatting, and publishing.
  • Online Course Development: Facilitating course creation, from content structuring to multimedia integration.
  • Social Media: Generating 100 content ideas to be used across platforms for a consistent online presence.
  • SEO and Content Marketing: Boosting online visibility through targeted content and search engine optimization.
  • Email Marketing Campaigns: Creating and executing impactful email campaigns to engage and nurture audiences.
  • Website Development: online hub to showcase your branded products, boosting online presence for seamless engagement.

During our 90-day collaboration, the weekly fee stands at a mere $47. Additionally, you’ll cover reimbursable expenses, like advertisements and voice-over artists. Our revenue model aligns with your success: we earn 10% of profits from the brand products we create. Alternatively, a $1987 upfront option exists, excluding profit sharing, with you only responsible for reimbursable costs.